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Buda, buda, buda, buda PEST

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Yay! we have made our first country transfer! Julia and I took a 6 hour ferry, an hour bus to the airport and a plane ride to Budapest...from there a bus and two metros got us to our hostel at 9am...so no sleep for the entire night. But we arrived! And the hostel was wonderful! Towels that don't feel like exfoliaters and sheets that are not full of starch! It doesn't take much to please us now.
We slept most of Friday and met Katie very easily in the city center. Went out for a glass of wine which turned into a bottle and shots thanks to the bartender for Katie's birthday. Walked all over the city today and stopped at the Hungarian baths. Very strange...definitly did not feel cleaner afterwards.
As for the rest of our time in Greece...wonderful! Decided to go to Naxos, another island near the mainland, and had a great time. The beaches were beautiful and the food amazing. Have a very short time on the internet now so I will write more soon. We are having a great time and it is great to be here with all the sisters. (sorry for the typos...keyboard is different here)

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Greek Island Hopping


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Arrived in Paros after a 4 hour ferry from Athens (we saw all the major sights...Parthenon, Acropolis, National Gardens, Temple of Zeus, the market, Plaka neighborhood, etc). Both of us loved all the sights, esp the National Gardens and we walked very far but had nice weather - never go in July. Amazed at all the different nationalities we found in Athens.
Paros is amazing. It's what you expect from Greece. We are staying in a room one block from the beach, in a white stucco building with blue shutters and doors all for 10 euros each a night. We wandered through the town with ice cream cones in hand. We will try to get to the other side of the island via boat or 4-wheelers (ATV) tomorrow and possibly go to Naxos or Ios on Wednesday. Both of us are dying for a good night's sleep as we are still a bit jetlagged and missing home when we wake up and are wide awake at 4am from partyers in the hostels. But our place here is very quiet and relaxing.
Oh and we found a job opening in Athens.... seems no one has come up with the idea of dressing as Aphrodite and Zeus and having tourists take pictures with you...we think this could be very profitable and a good use of our degrees.

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Our arrival in Athens

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Ah! We are in Greece! Both of us are very excited and happy to be here. We stayed at Cheryl's (old family friend) on Friday night after arriving and had a great time drinking and eating with her and her boyfriend, Jaysen, and two friends. We managed to pull ourselves out of bed the next morning and caught a flight to Athens. We both wished we had more time to spend with Cheryl but were excited to arrive in Athens. We arrived late on Saturday night and the city was wide awake. We dropped our bags and went down to square to have some beers and Tsaziki (spelling?). We will do some sightseeing today and leave for Paros tomorrow.

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Butterflies in our stomachs

or it could be those rum and diet cokes from last night....

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We are 2 hours from heading to the airport and both excited yet scrambling to find all our belongings (Do we really need two eyelash curlers?) Hope you guys will follow us on our excellent adventure. Feel free to leave us messages and check out our pics when we get them. Love you all! Party on bloggers!

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