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September 2007


Large amounts of beer, gigantic amounts of food and enormous men.

rain 10 °C
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Julia and I went to Vienna on Saturday evening and had a wonderful hostel owner drive us through the city, pointing out all the major attractions. Sunday morning we went to Schönbrunn in the morning and loved it. We explored the rooms of Maria Theresa and the got lost in the labyrinths in the gardens...very confusing actually. Climbed a large hill to look out over all Vienna. Went to St. Stephans in the afternoon and explored the catacombs...actual bones and skulls stacked in the rooms, very creepy. Did get kicked out of a restaurant because we didn't order enough food...not California at all...i guess a pizza for two girls is too little food.
Went to Salzburg on Sunday and loved it. Pictured the Von trapps running through the hills and sang "i am 16 going on 17" all day. However, there was their annual festival the day we arrived...a much smaller scale Oktoberfest with rides and tents. We went to Mozart's birthplace which was very strange. It was interesting to see some of the stage designs and some of his original violins but they tired to make the rooms metaphorical...a baby's body with an adult head of Mozart because he is "timeless".
We arrived in Munich at the Frommel's (old family friends) on Monday night and were very happy to have a home cooked meal and tea! On Tuesday, Thomas took us to Oktoberfest. It blew both of our minds. Huge roller coasters and tents set up for 2 weeks. Went into a tent "the Heavens of the Bravarians" and had a liter of beer each. Ordered a plate, and between the three of us, we did not finish it. Figured out that the mass amounts of food is how they drink the mass amounts of beer. After Thomas left, Julia and I searched for a spot to sit and found only one place...next too a 400 pound fighter and a 6' 11" man. We have never felt so small in our lives, especially since we needed to use both our hands to pick up our glasses.
Wednesday we explored Munich a bit, but the rain slowed us down and made us want to take this time (halfway through our trip) to relax a bit. We are headed back to Oktoberfest today with Thomas and Andrea - in their traditional Bravarian garb- to drink again and catch a night train to Prague. Missing home very much still and cannot believe we are halfway.

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Gotta love the speedos

especially on 70 zear old men

all seasons in one day
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Sorry, it has been a bit since our last blog. Katie showed and we cannot seem to leave the pubs. Budapest was beautiful. Buda was very quaint and we had a great adventure there.
We decided to visit the underground labyrinths that housed 10,000 people during the Cold War and also in WWI. Many parts are very spooky and while trying to scare Julia, Sarah managed to scare two Spanish couples. As revenge when we got up the guts to go through the courage room a maze pitch black with a rope on the edge to guide your way, they held the door to the exit shut. You can imagine the screams heard throughout underground Buda but when finally realeased the man had tears in his eyes from laughing.
We took and early flight to Dubrovnik where we were told our room was only 400m away, but we forgot to notice that Dubrovnik is built on a cliff and 400m was actually about 2 miles uphill....WITH packs on. We walked around the old town and a nearby beach for the afternoon and called it an early night with wine and homemade dinner.
The next day was one of Dubrovniks 12 days of rain but it left as fast as it came. We wandered upon a deserted swimming hole and jumped in just before the storm broke. We ran into a makeshift shelter which ended up being a clubhouse for 5 or 6 men 65 years+, in speedos, rehashing their youthful days. Free beers for the California girls and hugs from Ivan "the terrible". When asked if they go everyday, they replied "NO, just in the mornings and afternoons" Oh, right then.
Good night out with fellow backpackers that we have met along the way and left this morning for Split. VERY BEAUTIFUL!!! More tomorrow. Miss everyone!

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Buda, buda, buda, buda PEST

sunny 23 °C
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Yay! we have made our first country transfer! Julia and I took a 6 hour ferry, an hour bus to the airport and a plane ride to Budapest...from there a bus and two metros got us to our hostel at 9am...so no sleep for the entire night. But we arrived! And the hostel was wonderful! Towels that don't feel like exfoliaters and sheets that are not full of starch! It doesn't take much to please us now.
We slept most of Friday and met Katie very easily in the city center. Went out for a glass of wine which turned into a bottle and shots thanks to the bartender for Katie's birthday. Walked all over the city today and stopped at the Hungarian baths. Very strange...definitly did not feel cleaner afterwards.
As for the rest of our time in Greece...wonderful! Decided to go to Naxos, another island near the mainland, and had a great time. The beaches were beautiful and the food amazing. Have a very short time on the internet now so I will write more soon. We are having a great time and it is great to be here with all the sisters. (sorry for the typos...keyboard is different here)

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Greek Island Hopping


sunny 29 °C
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Arrived in Paros after a 4 hour ferry from Athens (we saw all the major sights...Parthenon, Acropolis, National Gardens, Temple of Zeus, the market, Plaka neighborhood, etc). Both of us loved all the sights, esp the National Gardens and we walked very far but had nice weather - never go in July. Amazed at all the different nationalities we found in Athens.
Paros is amazing. It's what you expect from Greece. We are staying in a room one block from the beach, in a white stucco building with blue shutters and doors all for 10 euros each a night. We wandered through the town with ice cream cones in hand. We will try to get to the other side of the island via boat or 4-wheelers (ATV) tomorrow and possibly go to Naxos or Ios on Wednesday. Both of us are dying for a good night's sleep as we are still a bit jetlagged and missing home when we wake up and are wide awake at 4am from partyers in the hostels. But our place here is very quiet and relaxing.
Oh and we found a job opening in Athens.... seems no one has come up with the idea of dressing as Aphrodite and Zeus and having tourists take pictures with you...we think this could be very profitable and a good use of our degrees.

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Our arrival in Athens

sunny 32 °C
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Ah! We are in Greece! Both of us are very excited and happy to be here. We stayed at Cheryl's (old family friend) on Friday night after arriving and had a great time drinking and eating with her and her boyfriend, Jaysen, and two friends. We managed to pull ourselves out of bed the next morning and caught a flight to Athens. We both wished we had more time to spend with Cheryl but were excited to arrive in Athens. We arrived late on Saturday night and the city was wide awake. We dropped our bags and went down to square to have some beers and Tsaziki (spelling?). We will do some sightseeing today and leave for Paros tomorrow.

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